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Limnos makes its debut in mythology with a spectacular tumble of Hephaestus from the Mount Olympus to the Aegean island. According to the Iliad, once when Zeus and Hera quarreled, Hephaestus intervened in order to separate them. Then, his father grabbed him by the leg and threw him off the threshold of Olympus. A whole day Hephaestus kept falling down from the mountain, and finally at the sunset, his soul coming from out of his mouth, has fallen in Limnos, where the first inhabitants of the island, the Sinties, took care of him.

You will encounter traces of the God of fire during your tours, scattered in the Island starting from Hephaestia, a city dedicated to Hephaestus and continuing in the sanctuary of the Kaveires, with mystical ceremonies of the sons of the blacksmith God.

Looking at the findings of archaeological researches, you’ll realize surprisingly that Limnos overrules the data of researchers for the Archipelago's past: the largest human settlement so far in the Aegean comes to light here on the island, at the beach Louri, dating back to 12,000 BC!

If you wish, what ‘s more, to boast yourself after your holiday in Limnos that you have visited Europe's first organized city, take a walk to the archaeological site of Poliochni, an important prehistoric settlement on the island, which flourished over two millennia, with culture and treasures worthy over Troy.

The most desirable "bride", because of its strategic location across the Strait of the Dardanelles, Limnos besieged and conquered by many "suitors" of history. Experienced Pelasgians, Persians, Athenians, Macedonians, of Philip II and the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Turks, Germans.

In the island's long journey through time, you will meet Prometheus who donates fire at Limnos and Ulysses, on his way to Troy, leaving Philoctetes here in a cave. You will learn the ancient geopolitical and strategic games in the years of the Athenian alliance and you’ll learn about erotic thrillers, starring vindictive Pelasgians and virgins of Attica. Glorious pages in the history of art, with achievements like those of the Lemnian sculptor Alkamenes, worthy of Pheidias, and bitter moments, postwar, of exile and emigration. Limnos is a fascinating kaleidoscope of today and yesterday.

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