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An Island like no other in Greece!

Endless beaches, seashells, starfishes and green-blue clear waters. Small hills with wheatfields, barleyfields, vineyards and horticulture. But also islets with fine sand, forming a pure african landscape in the North Aegean! Lagoons with thousands of flamingos and Byzantine ruins with deers.

An island to enjoy! Wine Routes, roads of a gastronomy, which honor taste, land and man. A rock wreathed with a Byzantine castle. One of the most ancient fortified settlements in Europe with the oldest parliament. A Roman theater and a landmark spot where ancient mysteries were taking place. Homeric caves and a war reserves' place for the Argonauts and the warriors of the Trojan War.

Traditional Settlements, local feasts and festivals, can not only be shown as landmarks but in vivid reality, embracing the visitor.

For many centuries Limnos was the landmark of the most important marine trails were the Mediterranean and the Black Sea met. Today is a focal spot of the Aegean beauty.

Discover Limnos!


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